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Personal Travel Insurance 

Personal Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for corporate and personal leisure travel:

Travel Insurance offerings in the market today are available for corporate business travel and Leisure for domestic or international travel.

Travel insurance is useful not just for major events but for more common occurrences such as lost luggage, stolen possessions (travel documents, money etc.), cancelled flights, car accidents, or a medical emergency in a foreign country or interstate.

Professional Assurance can assist with a wide range of travel insurance solutions.

Whilst many people rely on covers which are included with credit cards and perhaps when purchasing a ticket online tickets its important to really understand what is covered and more importantly what is not covered and up to what limit.


Corporate and Personal travel insurance benefits include:

  • Overseas medical assistance

  • Interstate medical assistance

  • Personal Liability cover

  • Individual or Joint cover

  • Single and multi-trip

  • 24 hour Emergency Hotline

  • Luggage and document protection

  • Worldwide and interstate cover available

Whether it’s a short interstate journey, or extended worldwide adventure, getting the right travel insurance cover gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your trip. Contact Professional Assurance today to discuss your travel insurance options.

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