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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity is specifically designed to cover qualified professionals in busisness who provide professional services and advice to their clients.


It protects the businesses or individual, for a claim arising from allegations that their specialised advice or services have caused financial loss to their client.


Professional Indemnity Insurance policy safeguards your business by providing cover against such claims, extending to legal defence costs.
With over 20 years experience dealing with the Accounting and financial planning professions, we have extensive knowledge within this sector.  Professional Assurance can identify the risks and what the needs are for many professions. We keep up to date with associated governing bodies strict compliance guidelines specifying a level of professional indemnity insurance cover that is required for certain professions to ensure proper compliance and cover is met.


We can deliver Professional Indemnity Insurance solutions to almost any profession imaginable and provide the right advice and cover for your business, to give you peace of mind when running your business.


Contact Professional Assurance today for a business analysis to get the right Professional Indemnity Policy to suit your business needs.  

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