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Business Pack Insurance

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Business Pack Insurance

Professional Assurance has access to a full range of Commercial Business Products, which allow you the flexibility to select cover options that are best suited to your industry, occupation. Regardless of where you operate from a small home office or city high-rise, farm or factory, retail shop front outlet or industrial we can tailor a business insurance solution that best suits your needs and budget.


Commercial Business Packages offers the following flexible cover options:

  • Product & Public Liability

  • Material Damage

  • Business Interruption

  • General Property

  • Personal Accident

  • Trade

  • Theft

  • Money

  • Glass

Professional Assurance use our market knowledge and contacts to enhance your level of coverage for the widest range of risks. Professional Assurance are more than just a broker, we act as your business risk management partner to ensure your business is protected properly.

Along with our suite of business packages, we further assess and enhance our knowledge of your operations and objectives, providing further cost savings and added risk protection, they include:

  • Risk Management

  • Claims

  • Workers Compensation

  • Corporate Travel

Contact us today for a business analysis to get the right Business Pack Policy to suit your business needs.  

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