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Business Insurance

Business Insurance can provide financial cover for your business, including the premises and contents, against loss, damage or theft as well as cover against any resulting financial loss from an insured interruption to the business. The type of cover for your business and amount will depend on the nature of your business and what areas you think are the riskiest for you.

Professional Assurance can help you with the process of choosing the right Business Insurance for your business needs.

You can include Public Liability Insurance to ensure you are not financially responsible for the costs of a legal claim should a third party get injured or suffer property damage whilst you are doing business.

With the new mandatory breach reporting in place, it makes it very difficult for any business to ignore the importance of Cyber Insurance to protect a business against the ramifications a cyber attack can cause. From denial of service, theft of client data and records, email fraud scams, almost every business is at risk and it’s no longer a question of if but when will it happen. Professional Assurance can help you obtain the right Cyber Insurance policy for your business.

Management Liability Insurance is designed to protect private companies and their directors. It’s more comprehensive than traditional directors and officer’s insurance, as it protects both the financial wellbeing of the company and the personal wealth of its directors and officers.

Tax Audit Insurance is specifically designed for Accountants to protect themselves and their clients against the unexpected costs incurred in responding to client audits, enquiries, investigations or reviews. Now more than ever, individuals, businesses and self-managed superannuation funds are at risk of being selected for a random audit, investigation or review.

The ATO and other Government bodies have more sophisticated data matching technology.  Every year there is a shift on which industry the ATO will be targeting, and the use technology and resources to analyse data from tax returns along with other information.


A perfect addition to any business where directors travel for business is Travel Insurance which offers businesses the ability to claim for vacation, domestic or international travels. Travelers are especially vulnerable to a mishap, and deciding on the cover that offers that most suited protection can be difficult. Travel insurance is useful not just for major scenarios but for more common occurrences such as lost luggage, stolen possessions (travel documents, money etc.), cancelled flights, car accidents, or a medical emergency in a foreign hospital.

With several Business Insurance options in the market place, Professional Assurance can help you obtain the right Business Insurance options that best suit your business needs.

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